Saturday, 14 August 2010

One week of rain.

Manchester rain often involves a blanket of cloud and an on-off , mostly on, drizzle through most of the day, the sun bravely attempting but failing to poke though the clouds.

On Thursday we had bouts of heavy rain interspersed with real sunshine. One week of rain fell in an hour, although not enough to lift a hosepipe ban due to low reservoir levels. When Manchester rain is reported in the Manchester news, you know that means it really was a lot of rainfall.  The usual flooding and traffic chaos ensued. Then people carried on with what they were doing. 

Sunshine after rainfall makes for some great photos, but late in the day with failing light and an ageing camera means I will have to return another day to retake many photos, hopefully a little less blurred next time, for my Piccadilly Gardens feature. 

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