Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The place next to Piccadilly

Piccadilly Place is a group of new buildings next to Piccadilly Station.

There's a footbridge connection to the station to handily cut a few yards off the journey that would otherwise involve crossing London Road at the lights and walking up Piccadilly Approach, and the tram tracks run between the buildings.

One building is full of GMPTE (Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive) people, one is the City Inn hotel, there are two more office buildings and a residential building, The Hub.

Walking toward Piccadilly station from Aytoun Street, you may miss a small art installation as it's down some steps to access the buildings on the other side of the tram tracks.

What looks like a group of  small round windows, on a closer look perhaps some misplaced bathroom fittings,  is actually a set of coloured mirrors with lines from a poem.

The poem reads:

i don't care if you're black
chinese, white or tall
don't care if
you're old, gay
a woman or a man
you can sit down next to me
if you're a mancunian

no details that I could find of the poet.

Across the tram tracks, is a 'piazza' with some retail units for lease, and a Starbucks, plus some artworky coloured blocks maybe also used as outdoor seating..

UPDATE: I'm informed that the coloured blocks were installed around May 2010 as part of the Eurocultured festival and the artist is Zedz. It may be temporary (?)

Like all many new developments in the city centre, at least one building has to have 'ONE' in the address to add prestige, so the City Inn is 'One Piccadilly Place'. There is nothing wrong with Piccadilly Place, it seems a competent set of commercial buildings which I'm sure are pleasant to work, stay and live in, and did not, as far as I'm aware, replace any older buildings of note. Perhaps it will grow into being Mancunian itself so I can sit next to it.

Location: Piccadilly Place, Between Aytoun Street and London Road. M1 3BN.

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  1. Great reflections in the last shot. I didn't know about those art installations - must check them out next time I'm up that way.

  2. Nice photo documentary of city centre Manchester