Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Under the Approach

Should you find yourself on London Road, near the bridge connecting Piccadilly Place with Piccadilly Rail Station, it can be hard to miss London Road Fire Station.

You may however miss something else down here, and it's worth a visit.

Not far from the lower end of Piccadilly approach, there’s a small paved area.  The concrete walls are covered in ivy and there’s a few trees planted in the pavement.

Some of the ivy looks a bit strange, and dark. A closer look reveals 3 sculptures growing out of the ground to well over head height.

Faces stare out from the coal looking material, hands and legs show, and at the top of each panel, two heads poke out, as the rectangular shape of each sculpture becomes more organic as if growing along the wall like the ivy.

It reminds me of Pompeii, people frozen at a point in time, but a Mancunian industrial version.

I could not find a plaque with information about the sculpture and artist, so if anyone has more information....

Update: Thanks to the Manchester Modernist Society for the following information. ""It's called Journey. 1992 by Partnership Art".   Partnership Art is now called Eaton Waygood.

This side of London Road, including Piccadilly Approach and the 'lazy s' of Gateway House above is due for redevelopment, and this paved area will have a new building on it. I hope the sculptures will be relocated.

Location: London Road, below Piccadilly Approach, opposite Piccadilly Place.

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  1. That's beautiful! I've never noticed that before - I'm definitely going to check this out next time I'm around that area. Cheers!!

  2. I wandered around the back of Gateway House and down Jutland St, so was just going getting back via a different route when I saw them. I've asked a few people and no one seems to have heard of them. The paved area used to have a raised platform (fountain maybe), blank walls and no ivy. I've tried many google searches, including images, but can't find any info. Next time I visit the library I'm hoping they are in 'Public Sculpture of Greater Manchester' by Terry Wyke.

  3. The Modernist Society have helped out. It's it's called Journey. 1992 by Partnership Art, and it is in Terry Wyke's book.

  4. Wow love your blog, I found it because today I walked past the same sculptures and put them on my blog. I wanted to find out more which led me here! My blog: www.undergraduatehorticulture@wordpress.com.

  5. I have never seen these before despite walking past often- thanks for pointing them out! I' also write a Manchester blog - though only just started- and, reading your profile, I think we have other things in common as well ;-)